University MENU foundation
The University MENU foundation has been working closely with different educational institutions, such as the NOVA College Hoofddorp, Haarlem and Beverwijk. The University MENU foundation works with MBO students from these institutions. Within the foundation we aim to have the students support and learn from each other. Through the years many different students have done their internship at University MENU, resulting in a good average final grade.

Studiebegeleiding en opleidingen University MENU
Zuider Buiten Spaarne 144zw - 2012 AD Haarlem
tel 023 20 200 10 mail info(at)
RSIN nummer: 8607.09.486 KvK nummer: 76625397

The foundation’s mission is:
To offer students with the education marketing, account manager, commercial co-worker and CIT a good and safe internship including with practical assignments, guidance and work experience with customers/entrepreneur.

The foundation tries to reach it goal by:
Collaborations with several educations (Nova College Haarlem, Hoofddorp and Beverwijk)) with the approval from the S-SB. To set up and maintain this (inter)national non-profit cateringplatform. Thus in collaboration with entrepreneurs and unions.

The long term vision of the foundation:
Set up a fund to research several forms of cancer and to donate KiKa kankerbestrijding en KWF.

The foundation is supervised by the notary’s office:
Master Jeroen van der Weele, Hak & Rein Vos.

Stagiairs looking back

Horecapersoneel is a digital connection platform for businesses in the catering industry and job seekers in the catering industry. At the Horecapersoneel website, businesses are able to place job advertisements after creating a company account. Job seekers who have created a user account are able to find these advertisements at the website. In contrast to the competition, Horecapersoneel is specifically focused on the catering industry, and offers low prices. On top of that, the job advertisements can be filled out very detailed, in order to find the perfect match between employer and employee as quickly as possible.

UMENU is a digital platform which offers services in the catering industry. Through UMENU, a customer can choose between ordering food, takeaway, or eating out. Restaurants are also able to register at UMENU, which will enable customers to find them at the UMENU website, and place orders. Besides, restaurants can make use of several different features that UMENU offers, such as the table system, the order system and the QR-code system. Additionally, restaurants can make changes to their restaurant information at any time, by themselves.